Lantern roof light Planitherm comfort



Pay a 10% deposit per item

Lantern roof light Planitherm comfort

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Maximise your home’s lighting with our high-quality roof lanterns.

Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lanterns have been designed with style and performance in mind. Delivering the maximum amount of light through large panes and a slimline aluminium structure, the roof lantern is durable, secure and thermally efficient.



Pay a 10% deposit per item

Choose the Right Glass Type

Glass typically makes up 70% of a window, so it’s central to the flow of natural light, security and heat retention. It can even help protect furniture against fading. Make sure you choose the right type.

Learn more: Which glass type to choose?

Natural Lighting, Stylish Design

Brought to you by the country’s leading supplier of windows and doors, the Smarts Aliver Roof Lantern is built on 35 years of experience. Our commitment to superior design and expert installation is reflected in our excellent track record and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lantern Product Information

With Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lanterns you can enjoy:

  • Elegant design
  • Maximised glass area
  • Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency
  • Over 200 colours, colour-matching available
  • Made to measure, large sizes available
  • Industry-leading security
  • Supply-only or fitted
  • Quick installation
  • Comprehensive guarantee

Experience the performance and aesthetic benefits that a modern aluminium lantern roof installation offers. With our Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lantern, you can enjoy a secure, low maintenance system that is strong and durable with slim lines; a stunning solution to let in light and create an elegant roofing solution.

The roof lanterns can be finished with any colour from our extensive range of over 200 colours and can be set to perfectly match the building’s windows and doors, or create contrast if you prefer. Aside from the most frequently ordered colours of black, white and grey; we also have pastel shades, vibrant hues and metallic options. The Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lanterns are available in our dual-colour format where you can choose a different interior and exterior colour to complement your home’s design.

We have purposely maximised the glass area of roof lanterns to ensure that your home will benefit from the light and airy feel that it creates. To further support the light that the roof lantern lets in, our minimalist aluminium structure is slimline to offer uninterrupted views.

The lantern roof is set at a traditional 25° pitch and is designed to incorporate standard 28mm double glazed units. The double-glazed panes and thermally-broken aluminium profiles work together to deliver exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance, far exceeding the requirements set by building regulations.

Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lantern fit seamlessly into both contemporary and more traditional designs and are suitable for extensions, refurbishments, new builds and more.

Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lantern systems can be ordered on a supply-only or supply-and-fit basis.

Our experienced fitters have many years of experience in roof lantern installations and have a long track record of delivering expert service to our customers. Please note that the guarantees we offer will differ based on whether we fit the roof lantern, or if you choose to do it yourself.

Flat roof lanterns in standard colours with confirmed production sizes and full payment will be manufactured within four weeks. Supply-Only orders will be delivered on the following delivery day to your area.

Lantern roof lights in standard colours with a 10% deposit will be confirmed with the client and when approved by the client and balance paid, will be manufactured in two weeks. Supply-Only orders will be delivered on the following delivery to your area.

Non-standard colours can add two weeks to delivery and will be quoted on a job by job basis.

Installed orders will be installed within two weeks of production completion.

The above is an indication of planned times we will whenever possible, do our best to accommodate short delivery orders. During busy times of the year, deliveries can be extended.

Delivery periods quoted are not the essence of the contract. We will do our best at all times to match the advised delivery.

These are the questions we get asked most frequently about our Roof Lantern systems.

What colours are available?

Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lanterns are available in any of the colours from our extensive colour palette, and with over 200 to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your home. Colours can be chosen to match or contrast with the existing windows and doors in the building and can be dual-coloured offering a different colour for the interior and exterior of the frame.

The colour range includes gentle pastel colours, vibrant reds, more traditional shades as well as contemporary bronze and silver options.

Are the lantern roof lights safe?

A completed installation of the Smarts Aliver Orangery Roof Lantern is completely secure. The design incorporates the use of pressure plates, and these are secured with tamper-proof screws. So you have peace of mind that the roof is safe, strong and secure.

Why do you only offer aluminium?

We believe in only offering the best for our customers. With aluminium roof lanterns, we know that you’re getting a solution that is strong and durable, able to withstand the elements. They’re built to last, so customers have a finished product that is going to age well and stay looking great for many years to come.

The thermally-broken design of the frames makes our aluminium roof lanterns a low maintenance solution that is energy efficient as the roof lights are insulated against heat loss. There is also a reduced risk of condensation. To keep the frames in top condition, they will only require a periodic wipe-down.

I’m not sure what I want, can I talk to someone?

Yes, we’d love to chat. Please give us a call on 0203 321 1955, or alternatively, email us to arrange a visit to one of our conveniently located showrooms in Alcester or South Croydon.

  • Brand – Aliver
  • Material – Aluminium Polyamide
  • Dual Colour – Yes
  • Thermally Broken – Yes
  • Max Width – 2000mm
  • Max Length – 6000mm
  • Min Ridge Length – 300mm
  • Air Permeability – Class 2 300Pa
  • Water tightness – Class 6A 250Pa
  • Resistance to Wind Load – Class C5 2000Pa
  • Glazing Accepts 28mm double glazed units
  • Pitch Offers traditional 25° pitch
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