5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors

Alumininium BiFold

Investing in bifold doors will increase not only the visual appeal of your property but also the functionality and value of the property. The modern and robust designs of bifold doors allow for the use of an extensive range of metals and polymer products to create the optimum appearance and finish that property owners are looking for. Most popular among these products are aluminium and unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), a hard and rigid form of PVC. The top five reasons for you to consider aluminium bifold doors are their strength, their ability to offer precision solutions, the security options, the way they look and their adaptability.

They are Strong

Aluminium is a low-density metal that lends itself to lightweight, but structurally rigid extruded products. These extrusions allow manufacturers to replace previously bulky designs with lightweight aluminium doors that are both sturdy and strong. The limited expansion and contraction of aluminium frames in hot and cold weather results in less wear and tear on joints and seals.    

They are Made-to-Measure

Aluminium bifold door designs are flexible and lend themselves to bespoke solutions for almost any size or shape of a doorway. Made-to-measure solutions are available across the full range of aluminium bifold doors to suit any specific requirement you may have. Not only can you specify the size but also the number of folding panels that would look best in your particular application while maintaining complete functionality.

They’re Secure

Whether your choice of aluminium bifold doors is a standard off the shelf or a bespoke solution, they will be reliable and robust enough to maintain the security of your property when closed. The high-tech locking systems incorporated into aluminium bifold doors, including Secured by Design (SBD) options, will ensure reduced risk from criminal activity and other security threats.   

They Look Great

Advances in painting and coating technology, particularly in the field of powder coating of aluminium, now allow you to select the finish and colour of your bifolding doors from a comprehensive catalogue. Due to the relative strength of aluminium frames, they can be designed to be narrower and relatively unobtrusive compared to standard frames. The result is uninterrupted views across your property when the doors are closed. They also add to the aesthetic of your property with their clean and modern lines.  

Bifold Doors Work for Domestic and Retail Applications

Aluminium bifold doors are highly customisable in several ways, including shape, appearance, size and colour. Aluminium bifold doors for domestic and commercial applications can be as high as 3 meters while the width of the panels can reach 1,2 meters. In the case of a maximum specified width of 8 meters, a bifold door can include up to 7 panels in an ideal situation. 

Clients are also able to specify whether they want the bifold door panels to split and stack when opening the door. The door can be designed so that it opens to the left or the right or to split in the middle to both left and right. You are also able to decide if the panels should fold inwards or outwards. The wide range of design and material options available allow for a bespoke solution for your property or business that will enhance its aesthetics, functionality and value.

Find the Perfect Bifold Doors

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