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We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the questions that we get asked most often and we hope you find our answers helpful. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please give us a call or enquire below.

Yes. Every product supplied by us conforms to Document L of the Building Regulations. We are GGF members and FENSA registered. Being members our staff are trained to ensure the products we supply always meet local building regulations.

Trickle vents allow a small amount of air through the vent, and the vent can be closed if required. There are a set of conditions that state whether you do or don’t need them. If you are replacing an existing product which has trickle vents, FENSA requires a like-for-like product replacement which includes the trickle vent. If it is a new opening, it will depend on whether there are any other methods of ventilation in the room, such as a window or air vent. Our well-trained staff will be able to advise on the correct solution for your specific needs.

Every door is fully assembled in our factory where it undergoes stringent quality and operational checks. For delivery, you can select one of two options. They can be delivered fully assembled or, if requested, the door leaves can be in one or two packs and the outer frame in another. This is often a good alternative if access to the home is restricted as the doors are heavy and often difficult to carry through a house fully assembled. The glass is always delivered separately for installation after the door has been correctly set up.

We provide full installation instructions with the product so you can install the doors yourself. It is important to note that the doors are very heavy and there is a chance of damage during installation if you are not as careful as our fitters are. However, we have many DIY clients who have successfully installed their doors themselves and been very happy with the results.

Corner-less bi-fold doors and patio doors are available. Before you order though, you will first need to address the support of the brickwork or roof above. The corner-less doors will not function if there is any transference weight from above. Corner-less bi-fold doors and patio doors are a very popular option, and we have successfully installed many corner-less solutions throughout the UK.

Bi-fold doors slide in pairs, so an uneven number usually results in a traffic door. These can be really useful for quick access between rooms or in and out of the house, as you don’t have to operate the whole sliding system unless you choose to. A traffic door is required if you need access from outside. Bi-folds with an even number of panels can also have a traffic door which will work independently to the other doors so if you had four doors one would open to one side and the other three would fold to the opposite side.

Yes, we provide a full fitting service if required.

Our fitters have worked for our company for many years and have installed hundreds of bi-fold doors, patio doors, and windows and roofs. The fitters work just for us and they are employed.  We ensure every fitter has passed the System installation course, meet FENSA installation standards and have successfully gone through our internal installation test.

This depends on your requirements. uPVC offers an up-front cost advantage but, historically, they have not performed well and in extreme weather conditions do have operational difficulties.  Aluminium bi-fold doors cost more but they are reliable, hard wearing and remain attractive should you ever wish to sell your house.  Timber doors are strong but do require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good; as such they have a shorter life than the aluminium alternative.

The guarantee depends on the supply type, the product and who purchased. Below you can find the different guarantees that are applicable.

Homeowners who order the product directly from the company with installation get the most comprehensive guarantee. Our company guarantees the installed product for ten years, the GGF provides deposit protection and InstallSure on installation provides warranty insurance.

Homeowners who order the product directly from the company on a supply-only basis have a reduced guarantee. The GGF still provides deposit protection and the company provides a 10 year guarantee on moving parts, subject to correct installation and maintenance.

Companies who order goods installed are offered our 10-year guarantee from the company but are not entitled to the GGF deposit protection. They also have an InstallSure warranty insurance after installation by our company.

Companies who order supply-only goods are issued a 12-month moving parts guarantee subject to the correct installation and maintenance. They are not entitled to the GGF deposit protection or the InstallSure warranty insurance.

All clients can pay using a secure credit/debit card process where they can get further card protection.

Most products are built in the three standard colours: anthracite grey, black or white.  However, there are over 200 RAL colours and special finishes available.

We are FENSA registered. All our surveyors and installers have passed the required tests that prove they are able to work to the agreed standards. 

We are members of the GGF which provide deposit protection for all homeowners.  We also accept deposits by credit or debit card, which adds to your protection.

We are members of  InstallSure which provides warranty insurance for our installed homeowners.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are secure they have strong shoot bolts at the top and bottom as well as multipoint security locks on the traffic doors. Every door installed by us comes with a Ultion 3-star security barrel which is anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-snap. The supplier is so confident that access will not be gained through the barrel of the door that they issue independent 1,000-pound insurance should anyone gain entry through the barrel.

Bi-fold door glazing must be toughened or laminated for safety. Laminated is the most secure option.

You can select either double or triple glazing. The difference in the glazing is the “U” value, which measures the amount of heat lost through the glass. The lower the number, the less heat lost. Generally, most companies talk about the “U” value in the centre of the pane of glass because it will be different at the edges. The frame also has a “U” value, as does the installation type.

The overall “U” value is the measurement of heat loss through the glass, frame, gaps and installation method. Building Regulations in the UK currently require an overall “U” value for glazing products of 1.6; this will vary in other regions. Double glazing offers a “U” value that is within specifications, while triple glazing offers an even lower “U” value.

The threshold is the frame at the bottom of the door. These days we are more aware of unnecessary steps because it is a trip hazard that should not form part of the design. There are many ways to obtain a low threshold and it will depend on the finished internal floor height and the external paving. We are able to help you select the best low threshold option for your project.

Patio doors work well on a single track where all of the weight remains directly above the wheel.  For bigger projects, the wheel can be made bigger to accommodate heavier doors.  Bi-fold doors are different from patio doors as the weight, although transferred back to the wheels, does not remain over the wheels all of the time. For this reason, it is best on two bottom tracks.

Standard colour doors are manufactured in 10 working days following the sign-off of the manufacturing sizes.  The doors will be delivered on the following delivery day to your area.  Installed orders will take one additional week.

All products are bespoke; we manufacture the product to fit the exact size of your opening.

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