SCHUCO 2800 x 2280 (Ref 108680)




Pay a 10% deposit per item

SCHUCO 2800 x 2280 (Ref 108680)

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Please note that all our special offers are once-offs, sold as-is. They are not available for any customisations, and it is a once-off (there is only one of this particular product). After the product has been sold, it’s gone, and there will be no further products of the same description.

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Pay a 10% deposit per item

Choose the Right Glass Type

Glass typically makes up 70% of a window, so it’s central to the flow of natural light, security and heat retention. It can even help protect furniture against fading. Make sure you choose the right type.

Learn more: Which glass type to choose?


Brought to you by the country’s leading supplier of aluminium windows and bifolding doors which is built on 35 years of experience with a commitment to the highest levels of design expertise and dedicated support services.

Product Information

With Bifold Doors you can enjoy:

  • Slimline profiles with reduced sightlines
  • Square or rounded end options
  • Variable locking mechanisms

The door has a number of domestic applications. They can be used as an alternative to sliding doors or to open up an entire wall of your kitchen or conservatory. The folding door system is designed to make the most of your beautiful views, and to make the transition from inside to outside seamless.

For businesses, commercial applications include bars, cafés and restaurants where the door creates a glazed screen that is the perfect solution, whatever the weather. The bifold doors allow in the maximum amount of light while keeping the heat in when it’s cool outside. And for those warm, sunny days, the doors glide open easily to open up an entire wall. The flexible design means that you can choose to fold the sashes internally or externally and you can also decide where to place the opening. Placing the opening at the side means that all the sashes fold one way, at one end, creating a single entrance door for easy access. Alternatively, the entrance can be in the middle, with sashes folding to either side to give the option of a double door.

The doors all come standard with a polyamide thermal break which works to enhance the performance of the doors and improves their U-value. Weather resistance is further improved with EPDM high quality gaskets and weather brushes. The bifold doors comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010 and security is prioritised with our multi-point lock mechanisms. These locks are installed on the main opening sashes, and each of the floating mullions has a shoot-bolt.

Thresholds that could be a trip hazard are a thing of the past as all doors have the option of low thresholds or rebated thresholds. Low thresholds offer unimpeded access as a primary benefit, while rebated thresholds provide improved weather resistance.

The system can be ordered on a supply-only or supply-and-fit basis.

Our experienced fitters have many years of experience in folding door installations, and we are proud of our high customer satisfaction ratings. Please note that the guarantees we offer will differ based on whether we fit the doors, or if you choose to do it yourself.

Bifold doors in standard colours with confirmed production sizes and full payment will be manufactured within two weeks.  Supply-Only orders will be delivered on the following delivery to your area.

Bi folding doors in standard colours with a 10% deposit will be confirmed with client and when approved by the client and balance paid, will be manufactured in two weeks. Supply-Only orders will be delivered on the following delivery to your area.

Non-standard colours can add two or three weeks to delivery and will be quoted on a job by job basis.

Installed orders will be installed within two weeks of production completion.

The above is an indication of planned times we will whenever possible do our best to accommodate short delivery orders.  During busy times of the year deliveries can be extended.

Delivery periods quoted are not the essence of the contract.  We will do our best at all times to match the advised delivery.

These are the questions we get asked most frequently about our door systems.

What are the different glass options?

Standard Double Glazing – You can choose from a wide range of glass options. The standard double-glazed units include toughened safety glass sealed units with Low-E values. They are filled with 90% argon gas and have a warm edge spacer-bar. The U-value of these units is 1.2 W/M²K.

Unglazed – If you would prefer, doors can be supplied unglazed, allowing you to source your glass from a different supplier. Please note that if you choose this option, you will need to comply with building regulations.

Staycool Solar Glazing – Staycool solar glazing offers protection from the sun’s direct heat and reflects glare, and in the winter offers thermal insulation with U-values as low as 1.1 so that you home stays warm. This industry-leading glass technology reflects 57% of direct solar heat and provides a reduction in glare of 35%. These benefits are achieved without using coloured glass, and in addition to offering you increased comfort, your flooring and furnishing will be better protected against fading and sun damage.

Other Options –  For better U-values we offer other optional glazing specifications including triple glazing and Krypton glass. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about these options.

All our glazing options exceed the current regulation specifications that stipulate a maximum U-value of 1.8 with our double glazing achieving a U-value of 1.5, and Staycool around 1.1.

Are the doors fully secure?

Yes, the doors come with a free upgrade to Ultion cylinders, the most secure cylinder on the market. The Ultion Cylinder offers double anti-snap protection, 2 attach locks, 11 pins (double the number of regular door locks), reinforced protection and 8 drill defences.

What colours are available?

Our wide range of colours means that you can choose the perfect finish for your bifold doors, whether you want a contemporary look or more of a classic feel. Your accessories can also be colour matched so that handles and hinges can either match or contrast with your doors. And there is a dual colour option so you can select a different colour for the outside and inside of your doors.

The aluminium bifold doors have a powder-coated paint finish. The most popular colours are RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey), RAL 9010 (White) and RAL 9005 (Black). Because these colours are painted in such large quantities, they are the most cost-effective; but there are over 200 finishes to choose from including wood and metallic.

Why do you only offer aluminium?

We want to offer the best solution for your home, and with aluminium bifold door frames we know that you’re getting unbeatable strength and durability so that your doors will stay looking great for years, even decades, to come.

Aluminium frames provide a low maintenance solution that incorporate a thermal break. This ensures that our bifold doors are effectively insulated against heat loss, helping to raise a home’s internal temperature and reduce the risk of condensation.

I’m not sure what I want, can I talk to someone?

Yes, we’d love to chat. Please give us a call on 0203 321 1955, or alternatively email us to arrange a visit to one of our conveniently located showrooms in Alcester or South Croydon.
  • Brand – Visofold
  • Material – Aluminium PolyamideDual Colour – Yes
  • Thermally Broken – Yes
  • NBS Available – Yes
  • Fixed Max Width (mm) 1200mm (per sash)
  • Fixed Max Height (mm) 3000mm (per sash)
  • Fixed Max Weight (kg) 100kg (per sash)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Width (mm) 1200mm (per sash)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Height (mm) 2500mm (per sash)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Weight (kg) 100kg
  • Glazing (mm) 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm double or triple glazed units
  • Frame Depth (mm) 70mm
  • Typical Sightlines (mm) 132mm
  • U Value 1.5W/m²K using 1.0 W/m²K
  • Air Class 4, 600Pa
  • Water Class E, 750Pa
  • Wind Class 4, 1800Pa
  • Document L Compliant – Yes
  • BS 6375-1:2009 – Yes
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